Blake Austin College

Blake Austin College

 Cosmetologist – Someone who is an expert in the care of hair and makeup as well as skincare and beauty products. They can also offer other services such as coloring, extensions, perms and straightening

 This weeks article is a personal topic. I am going to advise the college I’m going to and for what career why I’m going so far away, when and why that  college. As you already read I’m looking at a college called Blake Austin. It is not a four year college which is what I’m looking for. I’m going to college for cosmetology.

 If you visit the actual website for Blake Austin there is a woman at the left hand side at the bottom of the website that says “ Have a Question? Click here to Chat.” This is the first thing  I used when I visit the site. Here is the conversation:

 Cheyanne Perkins:[11:17:31am]

 Hello, my Name is Cheyanne I need a little further explanation.



 We offer career programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Massage Therapy, Administrative Medical Assisting, Vocational Nursing, Clinical Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy, Dental Assisting which are all certificate programs. We also offer a Holistic Health Practitioner Associates Degree program. Continuing Education classes are held for many of our programs including Dental Assisting, Massage and Nursing. May I know what program you are interested in?  

Cheyanne Perkins:[11:18:52am]




  Great! I can connect you ona call with our Beauty & Wellness Campus for more information. Would you like to speak to one now?


Cheyanne Perkins:[11:21:15am]

 Yes, please.



 Thank you. Is (706)-***-**** the best phone number to reach you at?


 After that I got a call and we spoke. The lady gave me great insight and information concerning my career I want to pursue. She helped me navigate through the website and find out everything I needed to know about the college and what I need to do to become and pursue my dream. The reason I want to become a Cosmetologist is because growing up in the foster homes when I was little I was always given haircuts I don’t like. Not only when I was little, but I was recently adopted a few years ago by my auntie and my uncle. I normally let my hair grow out really long, get trims inbetween, and then get it all cut off. My auntie takes me to get my haircut and trimmed by different people, and every time she takes me it makes me nervous. It makes me nervous because they always cut it or trim it uneven. I thought asking for no layers would help, but it doesn’t: they still cut it uneven. So to solve that problem I decided I would become a hairdresser. I want to be able to do my own hair. If I decide to start a family one day I want to be able to do there hair too. The reason I get so over protective over my hair is because I I’ve always loved hair.

 Now, I’m not professional, but so far I’m self taught. I trim my own hair, my uncleJr., my auntie, my brother, and his girlfriend. I do multiple hair styles on mine and other people hair. Blake Austin is not a four college.

 The program length for Cosmetology is only 13 months tuition and fees equal out to about $18,000, books and supplies $3,000.there is no on campus room and board offered for Cosmetology.  Cosmetology and Vocational Nursing are both 13 months which is the longest programs at Blake Austin. Here are some more programs they offer:

  • Vocational Nursing-13 months
    • Tuition and fees:$33,461
    • Books and Supplies:$3,860
    • On-Campus room & board: Not offered
  • Clinical Medical assistant with Phlebotomy- 11 months
    • Tuition and fees:$18,200
    • Books and Supplies:$ 870
    • On-Campus room & board:Not offered
  • Administrative Medical Assistant- 9 months
    • Tuition and fees:$13,880
    • Books andSupplies:$1,121
    • On-Campus room & board: Not offered
  • Dental Assisting- 11 months
    • Tuition and fees:$18,200
    • Books and Supplies:$870
    • On-Campus room & board: Not offered
  • Esthetician- 6 months
    • Tuition and fees:$9,806
    • Books and Supplies:$1,750
    • On-Campus room & board:  Not offered
  • Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Practitioner- 11 months
    • Tuition and fees:$15,709
    • Books and Supplies:$1,700
    • On-Campus room & board:  Not offered
  • Spa Nail Technician- 7 months
    • Tuition and fees:$9,800
    • Books and Supplies:$1,700
    • On-Campus room & board:  Not offered

Cheyanne Perkins                                                                                                May 1, 2017  


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