Your College Checklist!

Taia Travick, April 28th, 2017

Finishing high school and transitioning into college can be overwhelming. One thing that a college freshman has a problem with is figuring out what to bring to college. Remember, you are just going to college- not outer space.

Every year, tons of students pack way too many items for college in fear they will not be prepared.

They also find out that they have very little space to fit everything and regret packing too many items.

Instead, they forget the essential items because it is to much to think about.

If you ever leave anything, ask someone to send it to you, pick it up the next time you are at home or have someone bring it to you the next time they are visiting you.

If it is something as simple as tissue paper or soap, there may be some stores somewhere close to where your school is located.

Here is a list of some essential items you may need to begin college. Depending on the size of your dorm room and the rules, you may not need everything on the list.


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