Tigers at The Rivals Camp

  Last week we had Adidas Rivals New Speed Combine that was held in Alpharetta at Alpharetta High School. The Combine is an event where the participants compete in agility test such as the 40 yard dash, the 5-10-5 shuttle run and also the three cone drill. After completely all of the agility test next will be the explosion part of the camp. At this part you do the Broad Jump to see how you jump. Also you have to vertical jump. At some prospect camps they would have you test your strength by doing the powerball throw and the see how many times you can complete a rep on the bench press.


  Many of your Harris County athletes attended this football camp. Players such as Trevon Hudson,Cayde Anderson,AK Wortham,Zach Hill and Marcus Edwards were all at the event. If any of the players performed very well they would have been invited to come back and compete at their skills camp. Also players that use to compete for your Tigers were also at the camp. These players consist of Donovan Carter, Drake Holloway, Dequavious “Bullet” Davidson and so many other. They have already received their scores from the directors of the camp. And also as a side note the Harris County Tigers began their 2017 spring football practice Wednesday as they prepared to go up against Northside in less than four weeks. Come out to show your support for YOUR team and watch them dominate on the field.


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