Military, A Safe Alternative?

By: Warren Gallatin


In today’s world as a high school student, it has almost became an expectation for students to go to college. I do not believe there is anything wrong with this expectation. College can only better you for success in the future. There are some students, arguably myself, that are not fit for the further education of college. These students look for alternatives, many turn to the military.

This alternative is what I would have to say is the best thing to put yourself in and comparable to college. I believe that many people today just don’t realize this. The military is not just for fighters. The military in today’s world is so much more than just fighting.

The military now allows free education. As you enlist and receive your job (if you are not combat related) you have to go through technical training for this job. This training counts as college credits. Also, on the job work in the military in your field of work allows it to count as college credits as well. So yes, I believe this is without a doubt, a safe alternative to college. 


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