google contact lenses

Shaquavionna Tucker


Do you think that Google contact lenses are considered to be high ranking? Google contacts are considered to be important; research says that Google contact lenses will give you super human eye vision , will offer heads up displays, and video cameras.


Google contacts lenses are like implants but they don’t have to be surgically put in and can come off easily if you take it off.The contact lenses sit on the eye and can enhance the person’s eye vision; they are exposed to air and internal chemicals.


A estimate of 382 million people worldwide and 25.8 million Americans have diabetes; with the development of Google Contact lenses people will not have to stick their finger anymore to check their blood pressure.

The way the contact lenses work are you have to carry around your phone so that it can tell you your blood level and it measure the glucose; it can also tell you how high or how low that your sugar is.


Google contact lenses are considered to be comfortable, inexpensive and empowering the product  was created by Brian Otis. the negatives for the Google eye contacts are that the google contact lenses  producer worry about how much good they will be at measuring  your glucose level.


They require natural check ups at a doctor, but do not fix all of the problems with your eye. Another reason that that people may not like them it is because the contact lens may slip off into your eye and allow debris to come  in and enter.


Google contact lenses also play a role in helping an eye disorder called keratoconus , Google contacts lenses can also be used to treat astigmatism, astigmatism causes blurriness in your eye vision due to an irregular shape. What do you think about the google contact lenses?



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