What Determines Your Success?

By: Warren Gallatin

At the age of 14 this thing we call “ school” turns into “life”.Then we start to see things that go wrong in school as things that wreck our whole life. This is wrong though in many people’s honest opinion, so how come our life’s success has so much to do with how we perform in high school?  

At our age, everything we do we correlate with our grades. A job interviewer may ask “how are your grades?” A parent might ground you or reward you due to your grades. Even college, which can basically make or break you, look at your grades. The conclusion I have came to is that as a teenager, the world wants your success to be determined by your grades.

I have a different opinion on this though, I believe grades are the last thing that a teenager should be determining their success on. Your employer doesn’t know about your other job that you are having to juggle with school, so you can have gas money to get back and forth. The parent does not see the low self esteem of a struggling student, and gets nothing different from their behavior  at home when given restriction for their low grades. Colleges do not see the artistic ability and beautiful personality of the the aspiring student at their University .

My problem with this, as a less than average high school student, is that I am tired of being pre-judged by my lack of academic success. I determine success by something much more. That student working two jobs, you are successful for being not afraid to work for what you have. The student struggling with self esteem, you’re successful because you have not given up yet, you’re still fighting the battles of the struggling student life. To the student who can’t get into the school of their dreams, you’re successful because you made it through the bitch called high school, and will prove that college wrong by dominating the schools you did get into.

Don’t let your grades determine who you are and your success.


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