For Some, It Was A Long Time Coming

Maegan McCart-Sophomore- April 19, 2017

In one of Andy Kober’s final acts as Pine Mountain Fire Chief he recognized five firefighters for special recognition. Assisting in the presentation was assistant Fire Chief Mike Howard, who will become fire chief later this month. Within the presentation, Chief Kober addressed the efforts of volunteer firefighters that are often unrecognized. Monday, April 10 during the council meeting, five of The town’s volunteer firefighters were honored for going “over and above”,The job itself is more than most people are willing to do for others.


Because this was the first awards ceremony hosted, the recognition was very detailed and personal, and covered a significant amount of time.Firefighters Wayne Hollaway and Thomas Scott were recognized for their efforts in helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. Hollaway helped provide for evacuees that fled to the Pine Mountain area, and aided in the organization of relief trips to Mississippi and Louisiana. Hollaway, along with Kober and Scott, are the only remaining Pine Mountain firefighters that assisted in that effort. Hollaway was presented with a Hurricane Katrina Commendation Bar for his endeavors. Scott was unable to attend and will receive his commendation later.


Firefighters Roger Duke, Stephen Duke, and JR Owens were honored for bravely assisting the Harris County EMS in dealing with a dead body. The victim had been deceased for several days inside a home throughout summer temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. “ I would explain to you how nasty and bad that was, but some of you might have not eaten supper yet,” Kober exclaimed. “ These guys did not have to assist in recovering the body. That is not their job, but they did.” According to Chief Kober, all of the firemen’s gear and equipment were decontaminated afterward. The firefighters were presented with a Meritorious Service Commendation Bar.


Firefighter Stephen Duke was also presented with a Life Saver Commendation Bar for his efforts in helping save a civilian’s life. The ambulance in Pine Mountain was on call when the firefighters were dispatched to a local business after a civilian had collapsed unconscious. Upon their arrival, the patient had no vital signs and had already began discoloring. CPR was immediately  started. The patient was shocked with an AED multiple times. When the EMS arrived to the scene, the patient’s heart was beating once again. That patient is still alive today.


Kober expressed appreciation for all of the Pine Mountain’s volunteer firefighters, and hopes that firefighters will continue going “over and above” in servicing the town and community.

Source: Harris County Journal


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