Women with Terminal Illness Gives Back

Anika Steed, 12th                                                                                        March, 18 2017


A decade and a half ago a local a Columbus woman was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She went to the doctor because of lumps under her left arm that indicated she had cancer. Immediately, after she found out about the cancer, Carna Proctor decided to start to help others and give back to the community. She moved from Canada to Columbus in 1997 because she said “I wanted to do anything that would help me feel better”.

A little after her diagnosis, she started reading a book called “Ministry of Healing,” written by Ellen G. White, a co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. She came upon a chapter called “Mind Cure”; she discovered if she continued to dwell on her problem, then she would get sick. So, to ease her mind from cancer she decided to begin helping others so that she could get well.

Her and her husband decided to start a homeless ministry serving those living under bridges, in the woods, and along the RiverWalk with food, furnishings and friendship. Every Sunday they would pack food in their van to take to the less fortunate.

Now, 15 years later, their ministry is still going strong, Proctor’s cancer has returned, spreading from her breast to her bones and skull. This past Easter the 77-year-old woman said she’s grateful for the extra time God has given her to work with the less fortunate, many of whom now call her “Mom.” And she finds comfort in the resurrection story, which gives her hope for the future.

What If!

By Carna Proctor

Under the bridge where the homeless stay

Sitting alone at the close of the day.

Darkness hides their many tears,

Loneliness is overcome by fears.

What if you were there instead?

With no pillow to lay your head.

Where would you be today,

If misfortune had come your way?

Would you be on the street at night,

With no bed in which to sleep?

Only a paper box or a little more,

With no home and locked door.

Suppose your college support fell through,

and alcohol took over you.

Or maybe on the other hand,

There was no work found in the land.

What if sickness reared its ugly head,

And your finances went in the red?

My friend no matter what our lot,

In God’s heart we have a spot.

If we are on the street at night,

Our Heavenly Father suffer with our plight,

Take courage friend, be of good cheer,

God’s Holy Angels linger near.


Sources: WRBL, Ledger-Enquirer and WTVM


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