Sexual Assault



On March 20, 2017, a debate was held to determine who should first investigate the claim of sexual assault on a college campus. The proposed bill, House Bill 51, does not allow school administrators to conduct their own investigations until Law Officials complete their investigation. If school administrators were to carry out their own investigations, they could potentially harm the police investigations. “I am all
for pressing charges and having law enforcement involved, I think there is a lot of food that can come up out of it” , one person reported.


The joint statement on a previous house bill, “Rights and Freedom with Rights with Students”, concludes that the freedom to learn depends on appropriate opportunities and conditions in the classroom, on the campuses and in the larger communities.


The prevention of Sexual Harassment is generally considered to fall within campus policies and procedures. Incidents of sexual violence and sexual assault may be constituted as criminal offenses. They require the victims to seek medical attention and when the do that they should go file a report.


Some vary by different  states, community, research study, and institution collegeand universities are urged determine the terms and conditions appropriate in their localities.  


Traditionally, women within the age range from eighteen through twenty-one are four times more likely to get sexually assaulted than women in any other age group. Students in college are more likely to get  raped than any regular person. If you are a person who has dealt with sexual assault, reporting to a counselor is advised.


Shaquvionna Tucker


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