The Special Olympics

Shaquira Harvey



As many of you many know or do not know the special olympics are coming up in April. Many people do not know what the special olympics is or what it is about. Simply because either it is not advertised properly, or some people just do not do it.


The Special Olympics is not something that you do to get out of a class you hate, but something you do to help the ones around you feel like they belong. A lot of special needs kids at any school feel left out because they do not fit in and the olympics is a way to make them feel like you are there for them and they are not alone. It is something that you do, not for the benefits, but because you want to do it. Before you do it you should know more information about it so you do not think you are good enough for it you can talk to her or find ways to prepare yourself so  you can be ready.


I interviewed Mrs. Teat, the head leader of the special olympics, for our school and talked to her about what it is, what they do, and how more people can get into it. She told me , “ Volunteers really help out when needed  and to get more involved you can help do the spread the word challenge which is you sign a petition to stop saying the “R” word and help get it around ”. Another way to get into the special olympics is whenever you get the chance you can go down to H hallway and talk to her about it incase you would like to volunteer next year. Another way is when you hear over the announcement or around the school next year drop whatever you are doing and head down to her classroom to get a form.


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