School Uniforms Please?

By: Warren Gallatin

Do you see school uniforms as helpful, or do you see them as a hassle and not worth the money or time? There are many ways to look at this. You can look at it from the point of view as a popular kid at school with zero enemies or you could look at it as someone not so popular with the world seemingly against them.

There are a lot of arguments to why uniforms should not be required at school. Some say it is a way for the student to express themselves freely. This is a valid argument seeing as a high school student that most styles worn by students also describe their personality. This is the one reason that I may have a problem with uniforms.

I have been to a school where uniforms are required and to be quite honest with you it made a lot of things very simple. You did not have the stress of the “style” factor of the high school life. The gossip about others people style was practically non existent. Then as a student I did not struggle with what I was going to wear that day at school, it was stress free. I was able to just wake up and not worry about my style. For these reasons I do not see the problem in having to wear a uniform.   


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