Running Out of Time

Time is one of the most valuable resources a person can have and is something that can never be given back. That’s just how reality works!  How many times have you wished to have more time in a day to get stuff done? It happens to everybody. The definition of time is a period or point at which things occur. Being a high school student, there isn’t a day where something doesn’t occur. Dealing with four classes and homework that is tagged to it, being part of a club, having time to be with friends and family, and in some cases, having a part time job. It can all bunch together and brings a bunch of stress to you. One way that can help with easing these burdens is time management. Now I’m not saying it may solve everything but it will definitely help.

Time management has always been something that someone wants to achieve and actually stick to it. There are actually a few theories that have been done by scientists that can tie into time management. One that ties into this, for example the Snyder’s Hope Theory. The basis of this theory is that a psychologist, Charles Richard Snyder, wanted to test the impact of hope on certain subjects. The main argument in this theory is that there are three things that can help with helpful thoughts; Goals, Pathways, and Agency. By having these three things it allows for us to establish goals. While this one is not exactly a theory but more of a principle; this is called the Eisenhower Urgent/important principle. This is a good method going into the decision of time management because it allows for a clear line of what things are important and which are urgent and need to be done right that second. Which is significantly helpful when managing time.

Moving on from the more philosophical and scientific background to time managing, lets get into some simple tricks and mindsets that you need to be in when managing time. There are a variety of different tricks on the internet to achieve time management, here are the top five different tips that have been helpful to others:

  1. Goal Setting: This is a majorly important skill to have because time management cannot be a stand alone school. A good fundamental to have with time management is that you should manage your time to where you are sort of multitasking to achieve your goals.
  2. PRIORITIZE!!!! Prioritizing what you need done is an essential section of time management. This is the basic foundation of the Eisenhower principle. Having the most important thing on the top of your list over something minor is the way to go. For example, your Language homework should be more of a priority than catching up on the TV show you are currently binging.
  3. Focus is key: There is always something that is going to be competing for your attention. That’s how life is. Now it will always be easy to shut everything out but it is doable.
  4. Planning: Things are going to overlap with each other. It’s one of those pesky life things. Some tasks need to done before another one is even started. Another example, the History project that is due by the end of the week needs to be done before you hang out with friends.
  5. Stress Management: Everyone has been stressed, it’s another human feeling. Stress is not a good thing for your mind or your body. Being able to manage your stress is a good skill that someone can have

These are some of the many skills and tips that are important when going into time management. So when wanting to be a good time manager these are some good things to keep in mind.

Time management is something that you will get used to over time and not instantaneously. This is a major characteristic that most employers look for in the people that they look for when deciding to employ you. Once this is achieved and you get into the newly made routine, it will become easier for you.


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