MVP Race 2017

Keishona Allen

The race for MVP this year is between Russell Westbrook and James Harden. MVP is short for Most Valuable Player. Throughout the year, ESPN keeps up with each players stats. The stats represent how the player does on offense and defense.
Russell Westbrook plays for Oklahoma City Thunder NBA basketball team. A year after losing former MVP Kevin Durant to the Warriors, Russell Westbrook has lifted his team to #6 in the league. Westbrook is leading the league in scoring. Averaging a triple-double in a season is almost impossible. Sunday night Russell Westbrook scored a triple double. He also scored Oklahoma City’s last 15 points and hit a buzzer-beating three-pointer to end the Denver Nuggets’ playoff hopes.

James Harden plays for the Houston Rockets NBA basketball team. Harden’s team has won more games than Westbrook’s, and has overachieved at a higher level. James thinks people are focusing on people’s individual stats and not the team as a whole. He says “I think [team record is] the most important thing. I thought winning is what this is about — period,” Harden said. “I’m not going to get in-depth with all that, but I thought winning was the most important thing. If you set your team up in a position to have a chance, at the ultimate goal, that’s the most important thing.”


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