Injury on the Field

April 4, 2017                                                                                                                                    Nicole Bowden

Monday was an eventful day with one of the biggest storm that has hit the Harris County region this year. Throughout the Chattahoochee Valley, there were dark skies, wind and rain but later that day a tornado touched down. Schools throughout the Columbus area were either shut down or had a half day. The storm brought large amounts of damage to trees and buildings, but also brought injury to a local college student. While the Chattahoochee Valley Community College Baseball team was rushing to cover the field, one of the players received minor injuries.

To protect the field, the team ran to cover the field with a large tarp that stretches across the field. While the team was doing this, the wind picked up causing the team’s Center Fielder to get caught in the tarp. Brandon Hill, currently a sophomore at the school, was swept up in the tarp and banged around. When the wind died down, players and coaches rushed to retrieve Hill from the tarp while they waited for the ambulance.

It was reported later that day that the only injuries that Brandon Hill obtained were, a bruised lung and a hurt ankle. Since it was last reported, he was expected to be released soon.


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