No beef ?

Shaquira Harvey



Many of you have more than likely heard about the beef that has been going on between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant since Durant have decide to leave OKC and become a Warrior but things may not be as it seems. Durant has been trying to blame all of the beef on others and social media because he claim that is where it started.


When Durant left OKC there was a lot of people commenting on things saying  how he is a traitor and he should have stayed, that is where it is believed to have started. Lately people in this generation go to social media when they are mad or feel a certain way about a subject so you can guess that when they felt betrayed about the switch that is the first place they will go .
Although some people agree with Durant since social media is when most main beef start others disagree. Max Kellerman an ESPN newscaster said that he feel like Durant is saying that because he just want to get off the hook and just forget the beef all together .But if you remember at the Warrior vs OKC game they were going back and forth on the court slandering each other so who is not to say even though social media started the beef that he did not entertain it or just used it as a game promo.


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