Ideal Spots for Spring Break in GA!


Taia Travick, March 24th, 2017

Spring break is rolling around in Harris County, GA, and everyone needs something to do on the week off for spring break. There are so many things you can do this spring break, from having a picnic outside to going to your favorite amusement parks. The options are endless!

Six Flags in Atlanta, GA

Theme parks you can go to in Georgia:

  •         Wild Adventures- Valdosta, GA
  •         Six Flags over Georgia- Atlanta, GA
  •         White Waters at Six Flags- Atlanta, GA

Local Outdoor Activities:

  •         Stone Mountain Park- Stone Mountain, GA
  •         Butts Mill Farm- Pine Mountain, GA
  •         Wild Animal Safari- Pine Mountain, GA

Other Attractions:

  •         Museums- Find museums in your local area.
  •         Cecil B. Day Callaway Center- Pine Mountain, GA
  •         Roosevelt’s Little White House- Warm Springs, GA

Whatever you decide to do this spring break, have fun. Stay hydrated and make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen if you are going to be outside. Because anywhere you go can be dangerous, always keep your cell phones with you at all times and watch all your personal items. Have a good spring break!

Roosevelt’s Little White House in Warm Springs, Ga
Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain, Ga

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