Start Great, Finish Great

Sydney Jenkins


The new nine weeks is here and one of the great things about a new nine weeks is that it’s basically a fresh start. No matter how many tardies, absences, or disciplinary action you have had in the past that all goes away when a new nine weeks start. One problem that people tend to have is starting great and finishing with a lower level of success.This happens because people tend to Procrastinate and lose interest in the class.A good idea would be to aim for real change rather than safe goals. It’s easy to get comfortable, kick back and relax once you’ve started in a good place. At times people get so good at things that they start to ignore fundamentals.
You should always consider yourself a work in progress. As once said by George Bernard “If you have know growth you’re dying” . Now the big question is, do you keep yourself from slacking? One of the biggest things is self discipline. You have to be able to work hard even when no one else is around, it’s hard to do because everyone likes receiving pats on the back or awards but it’s better to develop your own sense of self pride.The last thing is to continue to be persistent being persistent means to keep trying and keep going the extra mile. Or continue to keep going when everyone else has given up, having this kind of discipline will assure your success.


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