Don’t We Deserve a Little Freedom?

By: Warren Gallatin

As you become a mature student in High school, it’s no secret that certain things in your life begin to change. Your friend groups begin to change as you personality changes. Your extra curricular activities and hobbies begin to shift.. A regular problem that you hear with this transition into young adulthood is that the parents of these young adults do not make the same transition mentally with them.

The common argument that high schoolers have is that they are old enough now to handle themselves and make their own decisions. The young people feel as if they are still treated as being to young and immature to make their own decisions. I would try to argue this point, but in all reality this to an extent is true.

Father shouting at daughter texting

The way I see it as a fellow young person is that we as young people do deserve some freedom. You may think im just think I’m saying it because I’m just some rebellious teen, but I really am far from it. I believe as long as I am financially dependent on my parents and am living under the roof they are putting over my head, then I should follow their rules. My parents have set rules that I do follow and would not think of breaking, but my parents also realize something that many other parents do not. They do not lock me down with no social life and are not so strict to where I have no social life. They understand that I am old enough to make my own decisions and if I screw up, then I screw up.

A common mistake I see with a lot of parents is they are too protective. This could potentially cause multiple problems with their children. The majority of other young people I see that have been sheltered seemed to feel entitled. This is not a good characteristic to have seeing how unfair life can be.  The second thing I see that being too protective causes is how unprepared it tends to leave the teenager. The teenager is left not knowing how to handle situations that do not go exactly their way. Then lastly the MOST common side effect I see to this parenting style, is that once the student is given freedom, say away at college, they abuse it and tend to go wild. The young adult doesn’t know what it is like to have to make his or her own decisions from what is wrong to right leaving he or she more prone to choose the wrong thing knowing they will have no one to answer to.

The bottom line is, as a parent you need to make that transition from treating your child as a immature adolescent to a maturing young adult who needs to learn things on their own.


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