Soccer Kicks!

On Friday March 17, 2017, our Harris County soccer team had an exquisite game. Our girls beat Bainbridge girls ten to zero. Our boys beat them six to one. The soccer team, both boys and girls, beat Bainbridge at Bainbridge.


I went around my school interviewing the girls and boys on the team about their game. The first question I asked was, “How long have you been playing soccer and why do you want to play?”

Shir-li Oved responded with, “I think overall I’ve been playing for 7-8 years.  It’s very active and I have a lot of energy to get out and soccer helps me with that.”

Guadalupe Vasquez said, “I’ve been playing soccer my whole life. I like playing because it’s my life and passion.”

Felix Rodriguez stated that, “Since I was five and because it was my favorite.”

My next question was, “What are your thoughts on the game on Friday 17, 2017?”

Guadalupe Vasquez said, “It’s going to be a very important game for us to continue on to region.”

Felix Rodriguez said, “We’re going to smoke them.”

Shir-li Oved  said, “We’re definitely going to mercy rule them which basically means we’re going to win with a very high number and they will have zero.”

My last question was, “What do you feel, skill wise, that you bring to the team?”

Guadalupe Vasquez answered with, “I think I bring teamwork because I try and get everyone to work together.”

Felix Rodriguez said, “I bring teamwork to our team because if someone is arguing I normally try and step in to help them so it doesn’t effect our game or our performance.”

Shir-li Oved said, “I feel like I motivate everyone to run for the ball since I go after it.”

Make sure you all come out and support our tigers at their next game. It is Tuesday, March 21, 2017 against Newnan High school at Harris County High School.


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