A New Battle….Textbooks VS Tablets

March 27, 2017  Nicole Bowden

Without a doubt, technology has definitely taken over society in the past decade. Nowadays, there are cars that can almost drive themselves, newly modeled iPhones that every year, and other new technological advances that have shaped society to where it is now. In the past few years, schools have been debating on whether they should switch from supplying their students with textbooks and instead give designated tablets to do schoolwork. While some schools have made the change, others are still lenient to the old traditional ways of textbooks.

There are many reasons to back up these switches schools are making. Some schools made the switch to prevent students from having to tote hefty textbooks around all day. Other schools have made the switch to these lightweight tablets to keep up with the trends, and stay technically savvy.Although many schools have reported that they made the change to stay relevant. Others have explained that they made the switch due to a variety of different reasons, ranging from saving trees, improving student life and saving time. With converting to tablets it’s becoming more common and is only going to get more common as society continues.

While tablets do make life easier for students, and also teachers, there are also a lot of downsides to using them. Tablets can be expensive ranging from one hundred to two-hundred dollars. With this price region, it can add up to the cost of how much that schools is going to spend, which is one of the leading coefficients to schools making the decision to stay with textbooks. Textbooks can be in the expensive range, however when the prices are added up, they are definitely saving schools more money.Another reason schools have been sticking with the traditional way of textbooks is because they don’t need repairs or need to have excessive upgrades every year, like tablets do. With technology, it is sort of a more known thing that there is the chance the the tablet can break and can become unusable, which leads to one hundred to two hundred dollars being washed down the drain for the school. So textbooks may be the best route for schools to take even though they can be outdated.

The overall decision for schools to actually make the change from textbooks to tablets is based on two central ideas. One is dependent on the funds of the school making the decision have and the other is their opinion if they actually want to make the switch or not. So what do you think? Do you think schools should change from textbooks? Or “Switch to tablets?”





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