Animals Are Just As Important

Animal Homelessness


Did you know 2.7 million animals are killed each year due to overpopulated shelters? There are 70 million stray animals in the US. This evens out to five homeless animals per every one homeless person. Many stray animals are lost pets that were not kept indoors or provided with proper identification.

According to World Health Organization there are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide. Millions of pets a year enter animal shelters. Over half are euthanized because they are not neutered or spayed. Over $2 billion dollars every year are spent by the government to local shelters and all together really destroy 8-10 million adoptable dogs and cats due to storage in homes. Not only are a lot of dogs killed, but approximately 71% of cats and kittens entering shelters are killed based on reports from 1,038 facilities across america.

It’s always important to remember that shelters cannot solve the homeless animal problem for us. Millions of people a day lose their animals, or leave their animals for dead. Animals are abused and hurt everyday. These animals are starving and scared. If you want to avoid this from happening to your pets, get them neutered or spayed,anything can happen. They have a better chance of surviving if put in a animal shelter and adopted out of the shelter or off the street.Image result for animal homelessness

I want to raise awareness to the fact of animals are bigger unsolved problem then we think.  At the deepest level I can think on this article will hopefully spark sympathy and hope up in somebody to step up and ending the killing. I already said we can’t change the fact that animals are homeless but we can help them from being killed. Nationally only 20% of cats and dogs in homes today are adopted from shelters.

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Cheyanne Perkins                                                                              March 20, 2017


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