NFL Free Agency

Over the past week, many NFL stars have signed with new and different teams. The newest signing was from Eddie Lacy the 2013 Offensive Rookie of Year has signed with the Seattle Seahawks. Lacy signed a one year, 5.5 million dollar, 3 million dollars guaranteed. Lacy stated in a press conference, “ This is a fresh start for me and my family.”  Also the Pro Bowler Wide Receiver from the Vikings Cordalle Patterson has surprisingly signed with the Oakland Raiders. Many Viking fans are surprised that he made the decision to not wait for a contract extension.

Free Agency is a frustrating but  fun time because you never know when a decision is being made. For instance in 2009, when LeBron James had to make a decision. The city of Cleveland thought James was going to stay another five years, but he decided to go play with the Miami Heat. Lebron James became Public Enemy NO.1. So the moral of the story, always respect  athlete’s decision no matter how much it affects you.  


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