Harris County Train Massacre

Natalie Sherwood

March 17th, 2017

Louetta Road was recently closed after a man was hit and killed by a moving train. The train, travelling northbound, hit him about 300 yards down the tracks. According to the Harris County Sheriff Deputies, the victim’s identity is unknown. Reportedly, someone on the train dialled 911 when the incident occurred. However, there were no other witnesses. It’s unclear why the victim was on the tracks. The deputies are investigating the details of the case.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), approximately 458 trespassing pedestrians die each year from train-related fatalities. Modern day trains are very quiet. Because these trains are difficult to detect, being around them can lead to danger. Trains with a lighter amount of weight are even quieter. Railroad bridges, also known as trestles, can lead to fatalities as well. Many people are tempted to involve themselves in activities such as fishing and bungee jumping off of them. However, these railroad bridges are not like other bridges that are built for cars and other vehicles. If you are on a trestle, and suddenly hear a train, you are in serious danger. A while back, a movie crew climbed onto a trestle to film the Gregg Allman biographical movie, “Midnight Rider”. A train suddenly appeared, leading to the fatality of an assistant camera operator, and others to be injured.

If you wish to avoid further incidents, here are some tips:

  • When near train track, do not wear earbuds or headphones! They could potentially prevent you from hearing the warning signs trains provide to inform others that they are coming.
  • Watch for a second train. Do not cross the track after the first train. Due to the size of the first passing train, it could hide the other one that’s coming.
  • If your vehicle is trapped on the train tracks, immediately remove all passengers out of the vehicle and lead them to safety. Do not attempt to gather personal belongings.

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