Working Vs College

Sydney Jenkins


Of course something that all seniors are looking forward to is graduation day. The day that all four of the hard working years pay off but that’s not where the hard work ends. But who has the better deal, working stiffs or college students? Almost all grads go through a phase when they would give anything to go back to college and constantly struggle trying to figure out if they should go back or not. But life as a working person does not turn out as bad as it’s portrayed or expected to be.The benefits might not always outweigh the losses but working life can be awfully great.

Going to college is great as well and in some cases mandatory.It all depends on what you want to be in life.Most careers you see in the world require you to have been to college to get some kind of degree. Although you have to do 4 sometimes even 8 more years it’s not as much of a bore as your recent school experiences may have been. You have way more freedom and have so many people you can get to know.Some people think that because high-school is over there life will be full of troubles The key though, is to find people you enjoy being around or find a job that you truly enjoy. If you get along with your fellow co workers or fellow students life in all will be a lot more fun


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