Hole in One

Shaquira Harvey


It seems like the boys golf team are going for a hole in one golf season this year. Although the season just started it is always good to get the inside detail before the game of how the season will go. I decide to interview Warren Gallatin and asked him three question 0n their upcoming season games. My first question was “How do you think the season will go?” He replied with, “We will have a strong season because we did not lose any seniors.”


Usually a player of any sport will have their favorite thing about their sport. Something that makes them keep going and coming back to play over and over again like an addiction.That is what I intend to find out about.  I asked him, “What is the best thing about golf?” He stated, “The fact that it is more of an individual sport that a team sport.”


My last question for him was, “What is your training style?” Every player has a different style that they use during a game or training in order to get better at what they do. He stated, “Repetition after repetition to become consistent.” That means doing the same thing over and over and change things up little by little to become better.

Next time that you find out that there is a golf game, girl or boys, check them out and come support our teams.


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