Stand Your Ground Law

March 3,2017

Stand your ground law

Florida has poised to spread the use of the “stand your ground defense”.Authorities are attempting to make it easier for defendants to use them. on Wednesday,the Senate is expected to pass a revised version of  the “stand your ground bill”, paving a way for the white house to take up its own version of the legislation. Governor Rick Scott is widely expected to endorse the final proposal.    The stand your ground  provision allows people to use deadly force , without first attempting the retreat from a dangerous situation, if they “believe” their lives are in danger. Prosecutors have fiercely opposed the measure, and have reported that it runs counter to the traditional working of the criminal justice one case a judge denied a request to dismiss the charges under the state’s “Stand Your Ground Law.” The new standard would require prosecutors to essentially put on a non jury mini trial, requiring victims and witnesses to testify twice and delaying the actual trial. Phil Archer said that “ there would be a zero risk now for a defendant to ask for anhearing”.  If immunity is granted the judge dismisses the case, if immunity is denied the case moves to trial where the self defense claim can be presented before a jury.

Shaquavionna Tucker




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