Tiger Team

Shaquira Harvey


On Tuesday March 7, 2017, the HCHS tiger tennis team had a game against TCC at Darton College. The game ended with the score of four to six and two to six with winning the game. Even though they lost the game it still takes a lot of practice to win a game. The person I interviewed for this whole article is Seth Flores.My first question for him was, “What does your practice consist of?” he replied with, “Our practice consist of cardio and drills which are working on forehand or groundstroke. ”

Even though learning what happens at practice is a good thing for learning their strategy, knowing things that happen in the game or what the players are thinking is good also. My second question for him was, “What was the hardest thing about the games?” His answer was, “Serving and have everybody watching you. It makes you nervous because you do not want to mess up.”


My last question for him was, “How do you hope the rest of the season goes?” A fairly easy question, he answered with, “ It will go great because of our great team and our great coach that we have.” I hope that they win the rest of their games this season. You should go and support our HCHS Tiger Tennis team at their next game Thursday at 4 o’clock against Veterans high school at Callaway Gardens.


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