Step up to the Plate

Lex Register March 8, 2017

On Tuesday March 7, 2017 our HCHS varsity boys had a baseball game against Veterans. The boys have an 8-1 record, having won eight games and only lost one. They’re playing veterans and it’s a home region game. In the past both our varsity and junior varsity have done very well and won almost every game in this season.


I interviewed four of the varsity baseball players about their game on Tuesday March 7, 2017. The boys I interviewed were, Justin Brooks (12), Matt Moore (11), Daniel

Miller (10), and Peyton Mclemore (10). I asked them a very basic and common question, “ Why did you start playing baseball?” Every response I got was because their dad made them.


The next question I asked them was, “ Do you plan on playing baseball in college? Why or why not?”

Matt Moore said, “  I would if I could get a scholarship but if I can’t get one then no I wouldn’t play college baseball because I need to focus more on my studies.”

Justin Brooks said, “Yes I would consider playing baseball in college because I’m very good at it.”


Peyton Mclemore stated that, “ He would definitely do baseball in college because it’s his passion.


My last question was, “ How are you feeling about your game on Tuesday March 7, 2017?” All four of my responses that I got back were that they were very pumped for their game because they think they’re going to win.


Everyone should come out and support our tigers at their next game against Thomas Co. Central at 5:00 pm.



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