Sydney Jenkins


The most important event that most students look forward to in their high school career is prom. Prom is the formal gathering of mainly juniors and seniors coming to together in the best fit to have fun. Proms generally happen towards the end of the semester when the school year is starting to come to an end. Although juniors and seniors are invited; at our school anybody is allowed to go as long as they get invited/asked by a junior or senior from our school. One of things that people look forward to are prom king and queen ,the music and what others may have on or come with.

It’s been proven that girls enjoy prom more than boys. In my opinion it may be because it gives girls a chance to dress up and get cute. As far as prom night itself you don’t need a date to have fun, you can easily go to meet new people. Although prom is a very fun experience there can be some “not so fun” things you have to go through. For example finding the right dress. Not only do you have to right dress for you but you have to also make sure it stays in the range of the “budget. As far as having a date, that doesn’t really matter you can easily go with your friends and have a good time with them prom night is your night so it’s not about anyone else.


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