Is Fighting Really Worth It?

By: Warren Gallatin

Here at Harris County High School, I have noticed a recent increase in a number of fights on school grounds. It made me start to think, is fighting here at school really worth it? Are the reason behind the fights worth the consequences that are faced after a tussle? I guess it is all in the eyes of the beholder, or in this case the fighter, but in my opinion fighting here at school is never worth it.

Fighting here at school usually happens for a multiple of reasons,  all of which are usually VERY immature and stupid. I’ve heard all the different reason you can think of as to why students fight at school. Of course you have the typical high school testosterone problems that occur when when their girlfriends cheats on them and hooks up with another guy, and the guys get mad and thinks they can settle it with their fist, when really if they would just think about what they are really fighting over… That girl y’all are both “ in love” with just cheated on you and is not worth it.

Then, here at Harris County you have your “country boy” fights of course. These fights are for multiple reasons. These fights can be as simple as someone stole so in so’s dip. Ahhh, or their is my favorite reason “he was talking bad about my truck”.. Look man any vehicle is loud like that if you just cut the exhaust off. My point is that neither of the reason are worth getting suspended, receiving 0’s in class, going on your record, and possibly being sent to the alternative school.

Those are more of your typical fights, but none the less there are fights that are not always as petty. I’m not saying it is right, but their are reasons that some students tend to “snap” and fight. Some students are bullied or picked on, on a daily basis. This cause these students to just lose it and try to put an end to it themselves. Also, some students do not have a great home life, they may be abused at home and when they get away from it at school, the stress of home life comes out. These reasons are legitimate to an extent, but I would still not say it is right.

All in all, in my opinion, OF COURSE THESE FIGHTS ARE NOT WORTH IT. You have to be completely out of your mind to fight at school . If you are going to fight, go find some parking lot, but here on school grounds just is not the place. Next time before you think about “swinging” think about if it is really worth it.


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