Future Heisman

Marcus B. Edwards II, Sophomore,  March 8, 2017

The Season of playing college football has started spring training for their required spring game. But also this also Heisman prediction season. Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson won last years trophy by a landslide. But many people are wondering if the returning Junior can repeat an incredible season. Other players have risen to the occasion. Here are some of the top players to get the award next season.

From Southeastern Conference the top player to win the Heisman are Kamryn Pettway the running back For the Auburn Tigers. He rushed for 1,123 yards and seven touchdowns. The other player is also a running back from Louisiana State University (LSU). His name is Derrius Guice, and he has 1,318 yards on the ground along with a total of 15 touchdowns.

The top rated player in the SEC to win the Heisman is the true Sophomore that attends the University of Alabama. Last year he was in sixth place of the Heisman voting. He was named the SEC Offensive Player of the Year. Hurts had a total of 35 touchdowns with 2,751 passing yards. He also has 954 rushing yards. In the other conferences the top athletes are Sam Donald (USC), Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma), Lamar Jackson (Louisville), Saquan Barkley (Penn State). Over time, during the actual season, we will see who will rise up to the top of the line.

Jalen Hurts





Saquon Barkley


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