Fear No More After Scary Movies!

Have you ever watched a scary movie and got frightened afterwards? Ever lose sleep after watching a scary movie? We all know that there are some people who become paranoid after a horror movie, and that’s normal! This can get very annoying though. Fortunately, there are ways you can overcome your fear after watching a scary movie. These tips can prevent you from losing sleep and being frightened before and even after the movie. These tips are helpful to people all ages. Below are the tips you can use to overcome your fear of scary movies. Enjoy!

Tips to Overcome Fear Before and After Watching a Scary Movie (no specific order):

  1. Always watch a scary movie with a friend- It gives you a feeling of comfort.
  2. Distract yourself- Things like cleaning up or doing your hair can distract you from thinking about a scary movie.
  3. Listening to music- Listening to music is calming and a great stress reliever.
  4. Sit in a lit up room or lamp lit room- Because scary movies can be set in darker places, it is best to be in a room with a light or a small lamp.
  5. Remind yourself over and over again that it is not real- Telling yourself it’s not real will influence you that you are braver than you really are.
  6. Watch TV- watch a funny show or movie right after a scary movie to get your mind off of it.
  7. Face your fears- Doing things that relate to the scary movie you watched can help you overcome your fears (Example: The horror movie Psycho has a scene where the woman is fearfully surprised in the shower. Taking a shower might overcome your fear).

These are just some of the main tips on overcoming your fears after watching scary movies. There are a ton of them! These tips may not work your first time trying them, but if you continue to do it, you’ll be successful. Just keep a positive attitude and never give up and you’ll overcome your fear after scary movies soon!



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