The Start of A New NFL Season

With the NFL Scouting Combine coming up NFL insiders are already making their mock drafts. The mock drafts are drafts were NFL Insiders rank where they think that bets players will be placed. The Scouting Combine is where the top athletes in the country do agility test so that the scouts can understand their pros and cons. The Cleveland Brown will be holding the First pick of the NFL Draft because they had a 1-16 losing record. Whoever has the worst record in the regular season earns the first round pick. Many insiders have said that defensive star from Texas A&M Myles Garrett ,will be the first round pick. The first quarterback that is considered to go first is not the Superstar Deshaun Watson from the defending National Champions at Clemson, it is actually Mitch Trubinsky from North Carolina.

There is a lot of controversies around Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon has first round talent but he was arrested two years ago for assaulting a drunk woman at a fast food restaurant. He says that he is a changed,man but many people believe that maybe a one- on- one conversation will help understand his point of view. Mixon’s issues are being compared to the newest star of the Kansas City Chiefs, Tyreek Hill who was drafted in the fifth round .   

The NFL Scouting Combine is starting Saturday.

Image result for nfl scouting combine alabama

Top players in the country all compete hear.


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