Small plane crashes into California home

By: Natalie Kinstle, HCHS Tiger Times News, March 3rd, 2017


58b4fdce37845-imageThree people were killed, and two were severely injured in a small plane crash on February 27th, in Los Angeles, California. The plane containing a husband, wife, and three teenagers, crashed into a Riverside, California home. The plane was broken into many pieces. Supposedly, firefighters found pieces of the plane “about a half-mile” away. When the plane went down, it brushed past one, crashed into another, and caused a fire, resulting into a third home to be engulfed in flames. Other homes in the area had minor damage. All of the injured and deceased individuals had been flying in the Cessna 310 aircraft before the crash. Luckily, no families were in the homes at the time of the crash. The victims were heading back to San-Jose after competing at a cheer-leading competition at Disneyland.

During the crash, the aircraft split apart, resulting in one of the passengers to be “ejected” from the plane. The teenager only had minor injuries, such as burns, but she was treated as a critical patient at Riverside Community Hospital. She crawled out of the home the aircraft crashed into asking for help. Firefighters pulled another

Source Brandon Farelas’ sister, Adine Farelas, age 22, killed victim in the crash

passenger out of the home. She was unconscious, and was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center to undergo surgery, and treatment for burns as well. The other three bodies were found among the wreckage of the homes and plane. The reason of the plane crash has not yet been identified. A local cafe owner at the airport reported that the pilot had trouble getting the aircraft started before takeoff. Source Brandon Farelas reported the identities of two of the victims involved in the
crash: Brandon’s sister, Adine Farelas, age 22, was killed during the crash, and his mother, Silvia Farelas, who survived the crash with severe burns. He also reported that the other passengers were friends of his mother and sister. Much of the neighborhood was evacuated for investigation, however the Red Cross is aiding the families’ needs. The National Transportation Safety Board will be looking into the cause of the crash.

“I was just looking out my window and saw a green plane, and it was going really fast, and then it fell to the ground and exploded” reports a local to source NBC News.

170228_abc_ca_plane_crash_16x9_992Riverside Fire Chief, Michael Moore reports, “It’s horrible, especially given that they had gone to a cheer competition and it was supposed to be a happy time” to source Chicago Tribune.
“I thought it was a possible earthquake, and we heard all the birds just suddenly react outside, too” another local reports.







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