How To Apply For A Job

          How To Apply For A Job

Do you know how to apply for a job? Below are nine steps to applying for a job. It’s important to do these nine steps in order because they are essential. Employability skills are skills necessary for getting, keeping, and being successful in a job. Writing a resume and cover letter are also very important because they tell the employer about you and how qualified you are for the position. A first impression needs to be good. Unfortunately, our not every employer has the time to sit down with everyone for interviews. This is why we write resumes and cover letters and send them in.     

  1. Decide which job you want.  
  2. Do your research for that job.    
  3. Write a resume, (What is a resume? A written compilation of your education, credentials, and accomplishments. A resume is the most important piece for applying for a job.)   
  4. Call employer and ask about their application process.
  5. imagesWrite a cover letter if necessary, (What is a cover letter? Just like your resume is gives alists of reasons why you should be picked for that particular company. Cover letters are also your first impressions and first impressions count!)   
  6. Get a second (or maybe a third opinion.)
  7. Locate references: find your references and keep them with you during interview and you do not present them unless they are requested by employer. 
  8. Apply for the job (in person if possible.)
  9. Follow up.

Cheyanne Perkins,                                                                     March 03, 2017      


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