FFA Spirit Week

                    March 3, 2017

National FFA week- the one week out of every year where FFA chapters around the country participate and show their spirit for FFA. This week is special for the club because it always occurs on the week of George Washington’s birthday (February 18-25). Why the week of George Washington’s birthday? Well, it’s a way to celebrate all the things the first President of the United States contributed to the world of Agriculture.

The 7,859 FFA chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have over 600,000 members in grades 7-12, participate in this designated week. The national officers that decide the basic “guidelines” or ideas that chapters can follow, but many come up with their own ideas. Harris County’s Chapter officer’s chose what members of the chapter had to do each day, all with the guidance of the Chapter Advisor, Mr. Borden.

The schedule went like this…

Monday- Blue and Gold

Tuesday- College T-Shirt

Wednesday- FFA T-Shirt

Thursday- Camo

Friday- Dress Your Best

When interviewing three of HCHS’s FFA Chapter officers I asked…

How do you think national FFA week went?

If you could describe FFA in one word or phrase, what would it be?

Harris Carlisle, one of the Chapters Sentinels described that the week

“Went well and more people participated this year” and that this week is the “Definition of FFA”

Haley Bowen, the Chapter’s Vice President said that this week went

“Well because we got a lot of new members and got recognition as a club” and she described this week as “Eventful, especially for the officers”

Jake Harris, the Chapter’s President explained that the week went

“Awesome, it promoted agriculture and FFA,” and he described this week as “Preparing for the Future.”

Mr. Borden, the Chapters Advisor was also interviewed, and with these two questions

What was your favorite event from this week?

Why do you as the chapter advisor decide to let the club participate in the event?

As Borden responded he said that his favorite event was

“Writing thank you letters to the congressmen” and said he decides to do this week because “It’s really good for our chapter to recognize our efforts, supports our community and helps to let our community know what we are doing.”

This eventful FFA week gave our students a chance to show their spirit and to show their love for the club.

Nicole Bowden


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