Bird-Flu’s next victim: Could it be you??

Natalie Sherwood, HC Tiger Times  March 3, 2017

0301_bird-flu-1000x666The avian flu (bird flu), has split into two strains. The bird flu is a severe, often fatal, flu virus from birds, specifically from poultry, that is transmissible across species to humans. Most cases have been transmitted from birds directly by eating meat and poultry that is not fully cooked, touching birds (dead or alive), and going places that are contaminated with bird feces. Some cases have been spread from one person to another, but there is no support that this virus can be passed from human interaction. Many specialists around the world have gathered in Geneva to assess and discuss the situation, and the vaccines.

To avoid and prevent yourself from such, relate to the following:

  • Do not touch birds bird that you don’t know
  • Refrain from going to live bird or poultry markets.
  • Wash your hands often, especially if you have had contact with a bird.
  • Do not touch your face, or mouth unless your hands are clean.
  • When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth.
  • Avoid close contact.

According to an assessment from the World Health Organization, China has had 460 human cases of the bird flu since last October;  the largest record for H7N9 (bird flu). Forty percent of the confirmed bird flu cases have died, including the 87 people from this year alone. Although most of the people at risk for H7N9 are in china, you should still be on guard. Many are suspect that it may spread through poultry trading, etc. and that Vietnam should be on guard. Experts say that if the outbreak were to spread further, that they would not be prepared. “Among the viruses we’ve assessed… H7N9 is the most concerning. It’s at the top of the list,” said Dr.Tim Uyeki, a medical epidemiologist in CDC’s influenza division. “We don’t know when the next pandemic is going to start, where it’s going to start. But at this time the biggest concern is the H7N9 virus.”






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