Hitting the Mat

Lex Register March 1, 2017

Our Harris County competitive cheer team won Region of 2016-2017 and placed ninth out of 45 teams in the state of Georgia. There have been so many debates about cheerleading. If you ask any competitive cheerleader I’m almost certain they will tell you it’s a sport. The reason people think it’s a sport is because we exert ourselves so much and we have to lift girls almost our weight into the air above our heads. While many students at HCHS don’t know about the competitive cheer team, we acquire many injuries through the off season and the actual season. Almost every season we have a girl either seriously sprain or break something. 


We had tryouts Monday February 27, 2017, Tuesday February 28, 2017, and Wednesday March 1, 2017. I interviewed Kaley Tamaski, Emily Rego, and Insley Owens. I asked them, “What are your feelings about tryouts?” All of the girls said they were extremely excited about tryouts and to see a bunch of new girls.


“Have you cheered before? If so, How long and where?” Insley owens said, “ I was on 
varsity last year and I cheered at United for 11 years.”


img_42651“Why are you so interested in trying out?” Emily Rego explained that, “Because I’ve done it for so long and it’s my hobby and what i love to do.”


My last question I asked was, “What’s a new idea you would like to see implemented in next years cheer season?” Kaley Tamaski responded back saying, “Better tumbling, stunts, and to not only img_42681make it to state but to either win or place in the top five.”


In conclusion all the returning cheerleaders are extremely excited to see what the new season brings along with the new girls.



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