Do You Feel Safe?

By: Warren Gallatin

Here at Harris County, we have had a recent “scare”.  There was a note left in the K hall bathroom saying that there would be a shooting at 10:30 AM. Once it became public, there was a ton of activity on social media and student, teachers, and parents found out about it. It was supposed to happen on February 25th, as a result on February 25th the attendance at Harris County High School was low that day, instead most classes could not do anything productive because so many students were missing.  

I was at school this day, but the majority of my classmates were not. This made me wonder; either the students saw this as a great excuse to miss school or the students who missed just did not feel safe coming to school. Being at school this day, made me realize how safe we really are here at Harris County. There was NO lack of police officers here for our protection. I counted at least nine officers as I walked down the halls after my first class of the day.

So do you feel safe when you go to school? I really do not see how you couldn’t feel safe here. Those who talk poorly about Harris County truly do not realize that, the situation was taken care of with great precaution and police, teachers, and administrators were ready if the event occurred.

Say there was no warning, and a school full of students. Would you still feel safe? There are 1,762 students at HCHS and there is one to two cops that are here here. To that I say: no I do not completely feel safe. Sure, these police have training and would have the ability to handle anybody who came and tried shooting here at the school, but this school is HUGE. There is just no way for those officers to protect the whole school and get to the attacker before damage is done. So in a surprise situation, no, I do not feel particularly safe.

SPRINGFIELD, VA - JANUARY 18: Officer Joe Plazio, of the Fairfax County Police Department, stays armed with his service pistol as he patrols the hallways where he is stationed at West Springfield High School on Friday, January 18, 2012, in Springfield, VA. Fairfax County has taken a variety of approaches to making schools safe. Each of the high schools and middle schools have a Fairfax County school resource officer, who is an armed sworn officer with the Fairfax County Police. (Photo by Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

I feel that this feeling of insecurity does not have to be the case though. I think there are a few different options to make the school safer. Of course your first option is to have more police officers here on campus. This option is just not needed though, there is not a purpose on spending the funds on having the officers here on campus. I think the much more efficient, and cheaper way for the school to improve safety is to have a training for teachers and administrators to be able to carry a firearm. This would make me feel much safer and much more protected knowing that there is at least someone there to protect me at any position in the school.

How do you feel about more officers on campus, or training for faculty and staff to use weapons to protect themselves and students? Comment on this article and let us know what you think!


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