Baseball Team on the Prowl

Shaquira Harvey


Baseball season has started and the HCHS baseball team are ready and on the prowl. I was able to snag an interview with center baseball player Matt Moore.The question was , “Are you excited for the season and how do you think the rest of the games will go?” His reply , “Yes I am excited and if we practice and work really hard the rest of the season should go good and smooth.”  


Just like a lot of teams most of practice consist of running. However every sport have different routines to go best prepare for their physical requirements.My next question was “What do some of your practice consist of?” Brett Griffin was able to answer my question . He stated, “Some of it is running as a warm up but then the other time is hitting the ball and catching .”
I know that a lot of kids look up to celebrities on how to become famous like them ,or how to get to where that said celebrity is but we all have to start from somewhere. Why not start from high school? That is where you find out if you make it or break it so why not get tips from high school celebrity  players? That is exactly what I did. I interviewed Tyler Maddox and asked him, “What are some tips that you will give to other younger baseball player for during the game?” He replied , “ Practice a lot and do not give up because it is going to get tough as you keep growing.” A great tip that I hope a lot of players should. Never give up and keep going.


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