How To Increase Your GPA? Is It Possible?

                                      February 28, 2017

Ever since middle school, we have been told that our GPA is important for scholarships and for college. Of course, being 11-13 years old, this advice goes in one ear and out the other,despite the fact that is is a big issue. Fast forward to highschool: whether you are a freshmen, sophomore, junior, or even senior, where your GPA is a huge part of your student life. As much as you want to think that your GPA isn’t important, it is. For those seniors and juniors wanting to raise your GPA scores it’s not going to be easy for you you are going to want to focus more on your standardized tests (SAT and ACTs).

Now, for the Sophomores and Freshmen that may be reading you have a chance, (freshmen more than sophomores). Sophomores, you already have a year of highschool under your belt so this is the time to increase your GPA  if you are serious about this. If you improve your current view of school and your attitude for it you can definitely improve that GPA score.  For you freshmen out there this is the year to get serious about your endeavours in high school. Try to have good study habits, obtain a good note taking method, and keep a positive mind set through the rest of your three years of high school. If you do these tips, more than likely that GPA average is going to rise.

After interviewing Mrs. Bailey, the campuses senior counselor and two of the few AP teachers here, Mrs. Tyus and Mrs. Burdette for their advice on how to raise GPA.

When should students really start thinking about their GPA?

When I asked all three of my interviewees it was a consistent answer of

“In the 9th grade.

What type of classes should students take to see a rise in their GPA?”

Mrs. Burdette, one of the AP teachers here on campus explained that “Honors and AP classes have weight but gets stripped but they need to understand it’s rigorous.”

If a student has a low GPA what else can they do to raise their GPA?

Mrs. Bailey the senior guidance counselor points that there are “No shortcuts, it’s a very long and methodical series to get it up.”

Is it true that only honors and AP classes can raise your GPA?

Mrs. Tyus the teacher cadet and one of the AP language teacher expresses that it “Depends on how low your GPA is.”

So raising your GPA is definitely possible, but it is going to be a good and hard long process if you don’t have a good solid base created in 9th grade year. For those of you who are struggling with your GPA it can be fixed but it’s going to be a long and hard road ahead depending on what grade you’re in and how good your grades are. The overall mindset and your determination are key to this issue you are having but is definitely attainable.

Nicole Bowden, February 27, 2017.


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