Behind the scenes of the Basketball Cheer-leading Team

Keishona Allen


A typical practice for our HCHS Basketball Cheer team consist of exercises, running, and stretching on Mondays and Wednesday. Sophomore, Destiny Stanford, explains that the veteran cheerleaders teach the new girls on the team the cheers. The cheer team practices from 3:45 – 5:30. The cheerleaders have to practice being sharp in their movements, very loud and attentive to the games. The cheers may switch up between defense and offensive cheers. Defensive cheers are cheers they do when our team is on defense. Offensive cheers are cheers they do when our team has the ball. They work together as a team and they consider each other family.

The cheer team does cheers to hype the basketball team up. The girls get a break from cheering between games and halftime to get a drink and a snack before they go back to cheer on our basketball team. At some games, the cheer team goes back and forth with the opponent cheerleaders. This is called a ‘cheer off’ or a ‘competitive battle’.


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