Shoes have diversity too

Shoes have diversity too

Have you ever gone through the day and realized how many different varieties of shoes you see in the hallways, walking to class? Have you ever wondered why people wear certain shoes? How about why someone collects shoes? Or why someone don’t collect shoes they just wear what they get and what they have? I interviewed seven people, all with different tastes in shoe “game” style. People normally collect shoes because they need a variety for outfits.   


What is your favorite type/brand of shoes? Why?  

Noot (Kevonte) Fanning, 10th “Nike, because it comes in all different styles and shapes.”

Zavion Blue, 11th “ Lebrons, I like the design and they are also basketball shoes and I’m able to play in them.”

Claire Hudson, 10th “Combat boot, platform boots and vans, they are unique.”

Sarah Page, 11th “High heels; Jessica Simpson, she makes the best heels.”

Abbey Grooms, 10th “Converse, comfortable and casual.”

20170224_1458311Alexis Welin, 11th “Don’t have one, I’ll wear anything that fits, doesn’t matter about name brand.”





Taia Travick, 12th “Jordans, he makes shoes based off history and trending things.”  


What was the first pair of shoes you got that got you into collecting? Or if you don’t collect what was your first pair of your favorite shoes?

Noot “FILA (Forever I Love Atlanta)”

Zavion “Jordans”

Claire “Vans”

Sarah “The heels I wore to my sisters wedding they were Jessica Simpson.”

Abbey “Converse”

Alexis “Airwalks (crocks)”

Taia “My collection started May 4, 2013 I got Air Jordan 5s Grapes.”


What type/brand of shoe do you not really prefer? Why?

Noot “Jordans, all the shoes are basically the same just different colors. ”

Zavion “Sketchers, I don’t like the design.”

Claire “Uggs, I don’t know why I just don’t see how people wear them.”

Sarah “New balance, they are out of style.”

Abbey “Uggs, Cowgirl and cowboy boots, they look big on people.”

Alexis “Nike, they are too expensive and everyone wears and brags about them.”

Taia “New balance but mostly Under Armour, the design and out of style. ”


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Noot “23”

Zavion “12”

Claire “11”

Sarah “Like 20”

Abbey “Over 10”

Alexis “At least 4”

20170224_1459491Taia “32”







Cheyanne Perkins, February 24, 2017


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