The big difference between freshman and senior year of high school

Anika Steed, 12th  February 23, 2017

All throughout junior high students are told that going into high school; your freshman year will matter the most. Most students don’t take this advice they just rush through their freshman year. These students don’t realize all of the great opportunities and how big of a fresh start they have. Students will be able to experience a wide range of clubs, sports, academics and possibly new friends. High school sports are good for students that are just now branching out, making new friendships and trying something that you never have done before. If you aren’t so interested in sports You may want to look at clubs. Joining a club will help you get out in the community and gain volunteer hours. Many schools have different electives in which fall under certain career categories. All of these can make your high school career go into the right direction.

imagesI interviewed a freshman, Destiny Beckman, at Harris County High School and asked three questions concerning her upcoming freshman year.

  1. What do you think about high school so far? ¨Its interesting but it’s harder than middle school, it has taught me a lot of stuff¨.
  2. Are you or will you get involved with any sports or clubs? ¨ Yes, HOSA and i would like to run track this year¨
  3. What are you looking forward to completing this school year? ¨Pass all my classes with at least a A avg.¨

Coming into your freshman year of high school everything may go smoothly. You’re in the class with your friends and you just met this senior that you think is really hot. “High school is not at all like what television makes it out be. Movies and shows nowadays tend to romanticize the traditional high school experience but here’s the truth: Everyone’s backpacks are much bigger and truthfully, nobody is THAT happy” says a author from Revere High School. Students don’t take their freshman year seriously. They would rather play around and follow their friends.The maturity level isn’t that great and neither are their grades. According to Johns Hopkins University “Students don’t worry about their grade point average (GPA) until they get to the eleventh grade; where your GPA starts to matter the most.” Why be in a rush to get back on track when you can start the beginning of your high school career off right to begin with!

I also interviewed a senior, Tykeuia Williams at Harris County High School and asked her three questions reflecting back on her high school years.

  1. How have you changed since freshman year? ¨ I have matured, I react a lot different from how I use to act¨.
  2. If you could give advice to the freshman you, what would you say? ¨ Dont slack off take it seriously cause if it is what counts the most¨.
  3. What advice do you have for freshmans? ¨ If you’re gonna be late, stop by the vending machine¨.

When entering your senior year things can get hectic. You have to worry about college, scholarships, high school classes, friendships and relationships all while dealing with senioritis. Senioritis is a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. It causes seniors to become lazy as the year goes by. Students try to work harder to try to maintain their GPA that could have been up by your senior year. The maxresdefaultmaturity level has grown and students become aware of their mistakes. They start to look at colleges that they want to attend based on their major, ACT/SAT scores and GPA. Seniors get exposed to looking up a way to get financial aid through Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is a way to pay for college without taking out so many loans. So seniors are very busy and not too much worried about what happened three years ago; so taking care of things before senior year is always important by starting off on the right foot freshman year. “High school is an exciting, confusing, and stressful time, but they are four of the most important years of your life. So enjoy them—they go so fast.”         

Sources: Johns Hopkins University, Buzzfeed, The BlueStocking


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