Lady Tiger Soccer Team

Shaquira Harvey


Over the weekend the girls soccer team placed first in the Lamar Co. Trojan tournament. I interviewed Haylee Decker and asked her “How did the game go and what was the hardest thing to do on the field?”. She replied with , “It went well but it was hard to keep our composer on the field because we knew we were winning.” I also interviewed  Taylor Elkins. I asked her, “How does it feel winning first place and do you think all the effort you put into it was worth it?” She stated, “It felt really good and was worth all of the training”


Practicing for the tournament is not easy. I interviewed  Shir’li Oved asking , “What is the team regular training routine?”  She replied with “We pass the ball back and forth between players. We also do intensive drills such as crossing, shooter drills, which is going outside the field and kicking the ball inside the field, then we do corners, which is practicing corner kick.”  She also said that most of it involves a lot of running.
From the looks of it, seems that all the hard work that the girls put into the tournament paid off. The girls also will have more games since their season just started. Come out and support your HCHS Lady Tigers soccer team. Their next game will be tomorrow against Thomas County Central at 5:30 pm and it will be hosted at Thomas County Central High School.


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