High School No More

Sydney Jenkins


College is something that is very exciting, but scary at the same time. However a lot of high school students are unprepared and don’t realize all the things they need to do in order to prepare for college. In order to get into most colleges one of the mandatory steps is to take the SAT/ACT. The biggest mistake that a lot of seniors take is only practicing the SAT/ACT when it comes time to take the test. It’s better to go ahead and start practicing your 9th grade year in high school. The reasoning for going ahead and starting freshman year is so you can get practice in, its much harder to pass when you’ve only studied or took a practice test once. This is definitely something you can’t just “wing”.


The difference between thesat SAT and the ACT is the SAT contains three sections: Reading, Math, and Writing and Language. The ACT  contains four sections: Reading, Math, English, and Science as well as an optional essay. Although the SAT/ACT might seem common in some community colleges and tech schools, neither are required.Either way both of them are equally important because in most situations your scores determine if you will be accepted into the college or not..Make sure you check what the SAT/ACT requirements for the college you plan on going to so that way you know how much to study. Remember scores aren’t everything colleges look at community service,clubs and GPA as well.


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