Does Style Really Matter?

In today’s  high schools “style” is everything right? Style is what makes you ‘you’ right? Well, what if  I told you that style does not really matter? It does not really matter what brand you have on your shirt or what symbol you have on the side of your shoes. What if I told you it doesn’t matter how tight your pants are or if your shirt is tucked in or not? In all honesty style really holds no value of “you”.

Here is my biggest reason for not worrying about your style; If I could give a high school freshman a word of advice it would be to not worry so much about what you wear, and don’t spend hours getting ready. Don’t worry so much about being judged for your appearance and just be you. I say this because everyone is so worried about looking good and their “style” that most people don’t even take the time to see what you are

Now I’m not saying to dress like you don’t care or dress like a hobo, but what I am trying to point out is dress like you. Don’t let other people’s style determine yours. Be presentable of course and in my opinion “dress for success” so people will respect you and treat you like an adult. Be your own person, be your own style, hell with it create your own style!  


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