A Day Without Immigrants

There is a movement taking place that is encouraging  foreign born workers refuse to participate in the U.S. Economy for a day. The workers, manager  agreed with them. One manager name Andres  even said that” we should not be fighting  among each one another we should be working together”.  Andres is facing a lawsuit from Trump after pulling out of a restaurant deal at Trump’s hotel in Washington D.C. Thousands of people took part in “A Day Without Immigrants” in many cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, Washington and ETC joined by closing their doors in a show of solidarity with workers. Some of the students who were immigrants were planning to stay home from school.


Among the White House actions that are getting the protestors hyped up are the administration  plans to build the wall between the US and Mexico border,installing a temporary immigration ban Boosting  the number of agents to curve illegal immigration and strip federal funding from sanctuary cities. Some officials in New Mexico , which has the highest percentage of immigrants workers, worried hundreds of kids might stay home. Everywhere around the nation immigrants are joining the bandwagon and the question is: “is President Trump worried about the protesters?”  Immigrants make up 12 million workers in the restaurant industry and of the 70% employed in cities like New York and Chicago. The protest occurred through an social media campaign calling for immigrants not to go to work or for students not to go to school. Some restaurants have vowed to stay open because of the short staffing shortages.








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