“We want Oakley”

Marcus Edwards II Sophmore February 17

In Madison Square garden, Knicks legend Charles Oakley was arrested when the Knicks owner, James Dolan, felt threatened and called multiple security guards to eject Oakley from the game and he was later banned from the Garden. The security manager of the Knicks was later fired that day.
The altercation started a national sports outburst for the next couple of days. At the next sporting event in Madison Square Garden the fans started to chant “Oakley”, “Oakley” “we want Oakley”, “bring Back Oakley”. Even in college basketball during a Thursday night game fans were seen holding signs that showed support for the Knicks legend. Also, in the heat of the moment some Knicks fans demanded that if Charles Oakley’s ban at Madison Square Garden was not lifted then they would no longer go to any of the Knicks games. The conflict was later resolved when Adam Silver, who is the commissioner of the NBA and NBA Hall Of Famer Michael Jordan, brought to James Dolan and Charles Oakley to the National Basketball Association headquarters and discussed a peaceful resolution. Oakley’s ban and the Garden was lifted and Dolan had to make a public apology to the fans of the New York Knicks.


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