Separation of and Church in State in the classroom- Perkins, Cheyanne

Public schools play a big role in American life. People argue about whether or not separation of church and state is a good or bad thing. On Zoe Anadon made a statement saying, “You don’t believe in Separation of Church and State? Well, since you want your church to tell the government how to govern, does that mean the government can come into your church and tell you how to worship? Separation is for the protection of both.” In some ways I understand where Zoe is coming from and what she is saying, but in the same sense people should be able to freely do as they want their religion.

I read an article posted by the title was “Teachers can’t be preachers” and it said “Public school teachers need to keep their religious beliefs in check.” A teacher at Waterloo, Iowa had a picture of Jesus on her door she viewed it as “displaying her mission statement.” The sign said “I can do all things through christ who gives me strength.” A parent saw this hanging on her door and complained, saying it was a “violation” of separation of church and state. The teacher was eventually told she told to keep her opinions to herself because not all students have the same beliefs. This I did not understand because she did not talk about her beliefs she simply hanged a sign on her door.

Arguments about separation of church and state and the First Amendment (freedom of speech.)reading once again from “Staying neutral about religion isn’t just about following the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which prohibits a representative of the public from promoting a particular religion.” Teachers and students should be able express their religion freely. If people don’t force their religion on someone then what’s the big deal? Being a Christian I’ve been told since I was little to share my faith with others. The teacher from Waterloo Iowa believed the same thing and i feel we are not opened or able to do this.the government has the right to express how they feel about their religions and what they disagree with, but it’s wrong for us “the people” to express our religion when freedom of speech is the very First Amendment.

Another thing I don’t understand is when we say the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom in the mornings. Are the words “under God” unconstitutional in schools? Apparently many are still“undecided” on this issue. A Massachusetts’s high court says its state constitution that “it’s unconstitutional for public schools to require students to recite “under God” as part of the Pledge of Allegiance.”

20170217_1407531Thanks to Mr. Martinez and OCGA
20-2-1050 A,B and C talk about moment of silence of every morning for 60 seconds at school. Specifically saying,
“(a) In each public school classroom, the teacher in charge shall, at the opening of school upon every school day, conduct a brief period of quiet reflection for not more than 60 seconds with the participation of all the pupils therein assembled.
(b) The moment of quiet reflection authorized by subsection (a) of this Code section is not intended to be and shall not be conducted as a religious service or exercise but shall be considered as an opportunity for a moment of silent reflection on the anticipated activities of the day.
(c) The provisions of subsections (a) and (b) of this Code section shall not prevent student initiated voluntary school prayers at schools or school related events which are nonsectarian and nonproselytizing in nature.”

Comment what you all think under my article. In all honesty I believe we should all be able to express freely our religion, whether it be at work, school, grocery store. You name it people voice daily their opinions on how they feel about religions they don’t agree with but the moment someone voices about their religion a “war” breaks out and there’s a big problem.




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